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Location : Kantiang Bay on the south of the island Koh Lanta Yai in the Krabi Region of Thailand. Facing West there is a fantastic view of the sunset over the Andaman sea / Indian Ocean. There is a 180 degree ocean view and you can see Phi Phi Island and Phuket from the site.

Kantiang Beach is one of the best beaches in Thailand, and just a few hundred meters away you have one of the largest coral reefs in South East Asia!

Twelve years ago, Koh Lanta Island was not a well known tourist destination, but since then the Island has developed a lot. At the opposite side of Kantiang Beach, The Pimalai Resort, one of the best (and most expensive) hotels in Thailand has been built. The Thai Royal Family are shareholders in The Pimalai Resort. So it is a good neighborhood. Still, Koh Lanta has kept a laid back life style which is very suitable for families.


Last year, a bridge was built from Koh Lanta Noi to Koh Lanta Yai. The Thai Government will now build a huge bridge from the main land to Koh Lanta Noi. So, in a few years we do not need to use car ferries for access to Koh Lanta. There are international airports in Krabi and Phuket.

Passenger ferries to Phi Phi, Phuket, Krabi etc. Roads are quite good on the island as the Thai Army made roads all around the island 10 years ago when the Pimalai Resort was built.

28 Rai ( 44800 sqm) prime land. With stunning view, close to the Kantiang Beach. 6 big villas, road, deep water wells, 3 swimming pools, own el transformer/distribution, house for bar/restaurant, big parking plot, etc.

There are 55 undeveloped plots, ready for construction. This is suitable for villas or big hotel. There are not many properties with this type of prime land available in Koh Lanta any more.


In Koh Lanta you can not build on land with higher elevation than 80 meters over sea level. Our land goes from 20 meters up to 80 meters.

Title deeds.

In Thailand there are 10 different levels/ratings of title deeds. Avoid the 8 lower rated ones. “Shanut” or “Nor Sor Sam Kor” are the 2 best title deeds. We have “Nor Sor Sam Kor”.

No loans.

There is no loans or mortages on our land/company. All is paid cash and we have no obligations to anyone. A safe investment.


We refer to our well reputed lawyer in Bangkok, as well as accountant company and auditor. We will give you the contacts upon request.

We can send copy of title deed, masterplan/elevation plan.


Project value: 28 Rai /44800 sqm prime land. Present value 7 mill Bath per Rai.

Total value Bath 140 mill.

6 big villas (gross 250 sqm each).
Average price Bath 15 mill. Total value Bath 90 mill.
Infrastructure: roads, electrical, water wells etc Total value Bath 20 mill.
Restaurant, green areas/lawns Total value Bath 10 mill.
Pools etc Total value Bath 10 mill.
Total careful estimate of value (Euro 7,2 mill) Bath 270 mill.
Our offered price is (Euro 4.0 mill) Bath 150 mill
Saving (profit) (Euro 3,2 mill) Bath 120 mill.
+ Further potential:

Development of 55 villas , reasonable estimated

profit at Bath 5 mill each villa, (Euro 7,3 mill) Bath 275 mill.
Total future profit (Euro 10,5 mill) Bath 395 mill.

Please also notice that the price increase for land in Koh Lanta has been very substantial the last 12 years. This is expected to increase for several years because of the bridge already and the new planned bridge connection to the main land/airport.

Lanta is increasingly more popular and well known. More tourists year by year.

Lanta appears now more well maintained than a few years ago. Lanta is a decent place. Thus the islands authorities disapprove go-go style bars. Price of land has increased 10-14 times over the last 12 years and continue to increase.

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